Oil Cleanup

Mitchell Maintenance and Services has a wide variety of tools and equipment to help you clean up quickly after an oil spill. Our products are usable at many different scales; from portable consumer use to heavy-duty commercial use. Be sure to check out the linked PDFs for more information regarding spill kits.
Medium Spill Kit

Spill Kits

Our spill kits offer a convenient and portable solution in the event of an accidental spill. These kits can be made to order. However, we do have some commonly requested kits available to view. To learn more take a look at our Spill Kit Brochure.

Individual Options

We also offer individual components if you feel you don’t need the full kit or are looking to refill a used kit. Information on the items can be found below.


Absorbent Pads are available in both Oil-Only and Universal as well as different levels of absorbency. These pads absorb large quantities of fluid much like a high-quality paper towel. However, the oil-only version will only absorb the oil, leaving fluids behind the fluids that are unnecessary for cleanup. For example, an oil spill in a puddle.


Available in both Oil-Only and Universal: Absorbent Socks create a barrier around the spill to stop oil and fluids from spreading any further.


Granular absorbents are a quick and messy solution to cleaning up larger spills. Simply pour the granular onto the spill and then safely dispose of the contaminated granular after it has completely absorbed a spill.


Plug’n’Dike is useful for patching holes in fuel containers to stop any more fuel from escaping. This is only a temporary solution but it is very effective in the short term.

Oil-Only or Universal?

This is a frequently asked question. To help you understand, we have created a PDF explaining the difference between the two; as well as why we prefer pads over granulars for the majority of minor spills.

Oil Only vs Universal PDF

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