Equipment Data Solutions


Information, Anywhere, Anytime from your device in five minutes or less.

Internet connection required. Time may vary.

Our in-development application Centralized Equipment Data System or C.E.D.S. for short is an all-in-one storage solution for equipment information.

There are 5 Steps to C.E.D.S.:
Equipment Number

Firstly, our team will work with you to decide on the most relevant pieces of equipment. Each piece of relevant equipment will get a unique identifying equipment number. Equipment Numbers allow you to easily access information about that equipment in the application.


Cloud-Based Folders

Secure cloud-based storage will store all relevant information to your equipment and link that to the Equipment Number. We will use our preferred platform, however, this can be adapted to suit your needs (some exclusions may apply.) Inside each of these folders will be vital equipment information for maintenance, upkeep, repairs, procedures and component ordering. 


Process Flow Diagram

Next, our team will work with you to customize an existing Process Flow Diagram or to create one. The new Process Flow Diagram will include QR codes for each piece of equipment allowing for easy access to the Cloud-Based Folder pertaining to your equipment.


Product Code Stickers

Product Code Stickers are created and then applied to each piece of equipment. This allows for another way to access the equipment information easily, while on the floor using the application.


The Application

The Application holds a digital version of your Flow Diagram as well as the ability to scan Product Code Stickers and QR Codes for easy access.


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